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Welcome to the ThinBLUEOnLine.com (TBOL), Verbal Options Simulator (VOS) experience. TBOL is a continuous learning product. The Verbal Options Simulator (VOS) utilizes patented technologies that allow officers to explore scenarios, learn from observing a role model, and practice using their voice effectively.  It is specifically structured to be compatible with the way the brain learns from encountering new situations.  Practicing these simulations teaches the brain to classify these new skills as important for long-term retention and embeds skills that facilitate proper reflexive actions in the field, thus freeing the brain to focus on the continuously developing tactical situation.

This guide will assist you in getting started with the VOS, from logging into the Learning Management System (LMS) and taking a module from beginning to end, to tracking individual Officers’ and Recruits’ progress and evaluating their performance.

Accessing the TBOL and Learning Management System (LMS)

Begin by opening your Internet Browser window/tab *(Display Format may vary depending on the Internet Browser or Device selected for utilizing TBOL) and typing in the following https://courses.thinblueonline.com in the Address Bar and hit <Enter>. This will take you to the TBOL/LMS Login Screen, the starting point for using the TBOL system. (Refer to Image 1.1 below).


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Next, enter your assigned User Name and Password, at the top of the page, and <click> the Login button or hit <Enter>. (Refer to Image 1.1 on Pg. 3).

Evaluator Role (FTO/Training Supervisor/Shift Supervisor)

The role of the Evaluator in TBOL is to review and document the scoring summaries from the TBOL Course/Modules completed by Officers and Recruits, along with conducting side-by-side reviews of Recorded Responses.

A progress report is available, detailing each Officer’s progress in the TBOL system and module scores to FTOs and Supervisors as defined by the Client Administrator for each department. The frequency of the progress report’s generation is also at the discretion of the Client Administrator of each department. *(Note: Requests for TBOL Course/Module Progress Reports and Scoring Summaries by department and Officer may be submitted to your TBOL Account Manager and should include e-mail addresses of departmental recipients, along with their names, fields requested to be shown on reports, and frequency of report distribution. The Account Manager will then submit this information to TBOL for report creation, set-up, and generation).



Reviewing Recorded Responses


Each recorded response during the Scoring and Evaluation mode in TBOL by be reviewed in a side-by-side setting with the FTO or Supervisor by simply <clicking> on the PLAY button in the Record/Playback window of TBOL (Refer to Image 1.24 below). The Officer’s response will then be evaluated by their Peer, FTO, or Training Supervisor and the elements demonstrated by the Officer in their response will be checked off in the boxes to the left of the Record/Playback window. These checked boxes are used to compile the Officer’s score that is reported in the Scoring Summary at the end of the Course/Module.

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Evaluating Recorded Responses

When evaluating recorded responses in TBOL, the FTO or Supervisor should be watching each recorded response with an eye toward whether the Officer’s response reflected the Key Elements of the Challenge and is consistent with the Insights and verbal skills being taught in the TBOL Course/Module. Then, these demonstrated elements should be checked off, as demonstrated by the Officer in their recorded response, by the Evaluator.


Reviewing the Written Test (Answers/Scores)

A Completeness Summary and Command Presence Summary is available on the Scoring Summary page of each Course/Module in TBOL and reflects the percentage of the Officer’s correct answers on the written test in TBOL. Each Challenge within the TBOL Course/Module is tested and appears in each TBOL Scoring Summary Sub-Category. (Refer to Image 1.3 below).

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Documenting VOS Evaluated Responses and Test Scores (DOR/Training Files)

In order to ensure that the training provided to each Officer utilizing the TBOL system is documented and legally defensible, it is paramount that the Evaluator, FTO, or Supervisor document Scoring Summaries and critiques of recorded video responses for each TBOL Course/Module. This can be accomplished for recruits/trainees using the department’s DOR (Daily Observation Report) form. For veteran Officer, results can be documented in each Officer’s training file on specific form provided by the department or as a part of annual in-service records. Written test scores and critiques of recorded video responses should also be documented on departmental Corrective Action forms or included in Counseling Statements if a TBOL Course/Module is assigned to provide remedial training or intervention based on an Officer involved incident.


*For Additional Information please refer to the complete TBOL User Guide: Getting Started with ThinBLUEOnLine, available through the link provided on the TBOL Help Tab.